Architecture Environment Art College Recruits Volunteers to Support Shanghai International Interior Design Festival

Date:2018-11-12 Views: 3289

In September, themed in “New Era, New Life”, the “China Interior Design Week and Shanghai International Interior Design Festival” was launched in Shanghai. The event was co-hosted by China National Interior Decoration Association and UNESCO Creative Cities Promotion Office (Shanghai). At the invitation of the hosts, Architecture Environment Art College recruited volunteers to support the design week.



During the event from September 8th to 16th, more than 120 sophomore and junior students in Environmental Art Design, Architectural Design, Architectural Ornament Engineering, and Interior Design of Architecture Environment Art College devoted to the volunteer work (the picture is some volunteers in the hall.) Our students supported wholeheartedly in a series of international professional activities and exhibitions, such as China International Interior Design Summit Forum, China Interior Design Trend Released Forum, China Interior Design Award Ceremony, and Asia International Design Roundtable Discussion Forum held in two main venues Shanghai International Convention Center and Tongji University. Students effectively contributed to ensuring the success of the design week through attentive services. They were also highly praised by almost a thousand of attendants including the hosts, designers, and representatives from colleges, and associations and enterprises of interior design, and members of IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers).


Through the direct involvement in the volunteer works for more than ten conferences and forums, students generated new perceptions and new insights on many famous designers in China even the Asia region and their masterpieces. Students also came up with new definitions and enlightment of some trending elements in the future design, like “green design”, “carbon footprint”, “intelligent technology”, and “digital design”. By the platform of “China Interior Design Week and Shanghai International Interior Design Festival”, students not only acquired new knowledge and gained momentums, but also believed in the unlimited possibilities for the future design.

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