Public Management and Services College hold a Launching Ceremony for the Huibang Volunteer Organization.

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On the afternoon of June 23rd, 2017, Public Management and Services College held a launching ceremony for the Huibang volunteer organization in the Fengxian campus. The Vice President Gan Aipin and the Chairwoman of Women’s Federation in Zhuangxing attended the ceremony together with teachers and volunteer representatives from the College.

Huibang Volunteer Organization is committed to contribute to the society with knowledge and the community with professional skills. Through providing lots of learning and practice opportunities, it also cultivates elites of social work as a high-quality platform for volunteers to show their talents and exchange ideas and experience. Recently, the Organization has already established a plurality of practice bases in subdistricts and counties in Shanghai. The Organization will establish cooperation relationship with more and more subdistricts and communities and provide more practice opportunities for volunteers, so as to continuously improve the overall qualities of students and cultivate more professional talents meeting the needs of the society.


Gan Aipin hoped that volunteers can present a good image of students and be a good representative of the college. He also hoped that volunteers can develop their abilities in all aspects through activities and make greater contributions to the society with renewed vigor.

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