Successful Closing of the 2019 International Cultural Festival of SUCC

Date:2019-12-09 Views: 2640

On the afternoon of November 27, the closing ceremony of the 2019 Community Cultural Festival and the 2019 International Cultural Festival was held at the Liren Gymnasium in the Fengxian Campus of SUCC. International friends from 10 countries gathered with SUCC’s teachers and students and jointly presented a grand feast of culture and passion. The event was jointly organized by the Youth League and the International Cooperation Division. President Ye Yinzhong attended the Ceremony and delivered a speech. The chiefs and deans of the SUCC Schools and the head of the School of Continuing Education all participated in the event.


At the closing ceremony, there were cultural performances from various countries, each with its own characteristics. The SUCC Student Art Troupe showed wonderful performances of national dances and opera, gaining praises from foreign friends. The recitation of Wales poetry, the Zimbabwe drum show, and traditional songs from Samoa and Trinidad and Tobago also won warm applause from the audiences. Under the guidance of SUCC students, the UK teacher, and the Seminar (Belt and Road Infrastructure Construction) participants from Vanuatu wrote the word “Culture” (in Chinese: 学问) with a Chinese writing brush and experienced the charm of traditional Chinese culture through brushstrokes. With the melodious song, Auld Lang Syne, performed by Chinese and Thai students, the 2019 SUCC International Cultural Festival came to a perfect end.


This cultural festival included 10 events-- international seminars, a Sino-German building energy conservation forum, an international exchange achievements exhibition, an international cultural knowledge competition for students, lectures by foreign experts, training of Chinese and foreign teachers, etc. The events with their rich contents and in various forms, helped SUCC teachers and students broaden their international perspectives, and also allowed foreign friends to understand and love China, Shanghai, and SUCC. The Festival has been highly and consistently praised by everyone. 

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