Successful Conclusion of the 2019 3rd Seminar on the Belt and Road Infrastructure Construction for International Talents

Date:2019-12-09 Views: 2664

In the afternoon of December 3rd, the closing ceremony of the 3rd Seminar on the Belt and Road Infrastructure Construction for International Talents of 2019 was held in the multifunctional hall of the Fengxian Campus. Mr. Ye Yinzhong (President of SUCC), Mr. Zheng Shun (Deputy General Manager of Human Resources Department of Shanghai Construction Group), Mr. Gu Wei (Executive Deputy Secretary General of Minhang Vocational Education Group), and the 29 Seminar participants from 8 countries (incl. Trinidad and Tobago, Zimbabwe, Maldives, etc.) attended the closing ceremony, which was presided over by Yang Xiufang (Vice President of SUCC).


At the beginning of the ceremony, the participants watched a video about the wonderful review of the Seminar. The video recorded many splendid moments of this Seminar, including the participants’ hard work in high-level technical training, breathtaking moments appreciating the intelligent manufacturing and construction of Shanghai, and fascinating aspects of Chinese culture at the Arts Festival. The 12-day Seminar was colorful and excellent. The participants were immersed in Chinese culture, and Shanghai culture, and experienced Lu Ban culture and modern architecture.

Lydia Tafadzwa Mugore, a participant from Zimbabwe, expressed that China’s Lu Ban culture and advanced BIM technology are conducive to the successful infrastructure construction and management operations of her native country, and that she was very fortunate for the opportunity to visit China. Ath Chan David, a participant from Cambodia, expressed his sincere admiration for Shanghai; he hoped that the Shanghai experience on urban construction technologies learned in the Seminar would be applied to the construction of his country as soon as possible. Abdulla Humaid from the Maldives said that this Seminar provided a good communication platform that allowed people to discover and to be enlightened by the collision of multiple cultures.

Chen Zhijuan, the seminar’s class supervisor, summarized the work in three aspects--course review, gratitude, and future expectations. She believed that the promotion of Chinese culture was a breakthrough and highlight during this Seminar. Listening to the lectures on Chinese culture, watching Chinese-style cultural performances, reading about Chinese Lu Ban culture, and appreciating Shanghai’s modern architectural arts have sublimated the connotation of the Seminar.


President Ye Yinzhong highly appreciated the performance of the participants during the Seminar, expressed gratitude to those who cooperated, and shared with the participants the good news that SUCC was awarded “the Influence Top 50 in Vocational Education” by the 2019 Education Forum for Asia Annual Conference. On this occasion, he also announced that the pace of SUCC’s internationalization will not stop, and he looked forward to deeper and more multi-faceted cooperation with everyone.

The Course-Completion Ceremony came to a successful conclusion as the participants cheerfully obtained their completion certificates and left with the expectation of strengthening exchanges and cooperation, sharing development opportunities, and promoting common development.

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