SUCC Signs a Cooperation Agreement with the UNLV’s College of Hospitality

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On the afternoon of July 31, the signing ceremony of the cooperation framework agreement between SUCC and William F. Harrah College of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) was successfully held at the Broadway Mansions Hotel, which is where the SUCC-enterprise cooperation is based.


President Ye Yinzhong, Vice President Fan Wenyi, Professor Stowe Shoemaker (Dean of UNLV’s College of Hospitality), Shi Ye (Representative of the Greater China American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and President of Asia & American Hotel Management Co., Ltd), teachers from International Cooperation Division and from the School of Public Management & Service attended the signing ceremony.


Before the ceremony, the two sides carried out a detailed research deployment regarding intensive study and exchange programs as well as joint research projects among teachers. It also addressed the online and offline promotion methods of academic degree and diploma, and conducted in-depth analysis and researches on the specific details of SUCC’s students’ academic development, course completion, special skills certificate training and assessment, and overseas internship arrangements. Both sides reached a substantive consensus and conducted a friendly and frank discussion on the vision of all-around strategic cooperation between the two universities in the future.


At the ceremony, Ye Yinzhong presented a visiting professor appointment letter to Stowe Shoemaker, and invited him to give suggestions for the construction and development of SUCC’s hotel management major.


The successful signing of the cooperation framework agreement will play an active role in the international exchange and comprehensive improvement of the international education and teaching level of hotel management major, and make an active contribution to SUCC’s “Double First-Class” university project.


From July 29th to 30th, Professor Stowe Shoemaker visited SUCC's Fengxian Campus as well as several school-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration training bases of hotel management major, and communicated with the general managers to learn more about SUCC’s characteristics of talent cultivation and students’ overall quality. During the visit, Professor Stowe Shoemaker also had cordial exchanges with previous graduates, interns and students of grade 2018. He discussed multiple subjects with them such as career orientation and development, and highly praised the professional qualities and English proficiency of the students. He believed that the two schools have a high degree of fit in the concept of hotel talent training and training system engineering. It is necessary for both sides to further close exchanges and cooperation, learn from each other and develop together.


UNLV is a state public university with the largest College of Hospitality in the United States. According to the QS World University Rankings, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality has ranked first in the world in hotel management major for many years, and its exhibition management major also ranks first in the United States.

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